Welcome to Clearwater Hypnotherapy  Hypnosis is ideal for Weight loss, Virtual Gastric Band, issues with Smoking,  Self Confidence, Phobias, Stress, Anxiety, Grief and much more. Available in St Petersburg and Largo FL. Skype appointments available for out of area clients.

We use Hypnotherapy with NLP techniques to help release unwanted behaviors and habits. Discover the real reasons for your symptoms, behaviors, or habits in Hypnosis and take charge of your life! Expect the best – give us a call today for a complimentary consultation. We can help!


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis Our aim is to help you create a life that you love, to motivate, encourage and support you to move forward to…

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NLP coaching

NLP and TIME LINE THERAPY If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced lack of self-confidence, anxiety and worry.  Or perhaps you sub-consciously sabotaged a…

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Welcome, we are Board Certified Master Hypnotherapists and would be honored to assist you in finding happiness, balance, success and self-realization. For Speaking Engagements, read…

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Welcome, we are Board Certified Master Hypnotherapists and would be honored to assist you in finding happiness, balance, success and self-realization. Gina Angeli is a Board…

Skype hypnosis sessions

Skype and Phone Hypnosis sessions to stop Smoking, Sleep better, loose Weight, overcome Grief, Loss, Break Up or in need of spiritual Counseling? Our over…


Learn how your mind works and the techniques we use to help our clients make fast and effective changes with Hypnosis and NLP. Helping to…


I've had a sleeping issue for at least 8 years - not sleeping through the night, crazy dreams, etc. Gina was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so grateful I took the recommendation. I've seen Gina twice and my sleep is much, much better. She's thorough, caring and her follow-through is great.  Whatever your issue, I highly suggest you see Gina!


I had hard time letting go after breaking up with my boyfriend. I was constantly thinking of him and could not sleep at night. I had previously tried hypnosis for another issue and decided to book an appointment with Clearwater Hypnosis to see if they could help. Boy, am I glad I did. After the first session, I felt confident and optimistic, looking forward to life again. Now I hardly ever think of him anymore. Thank you so much!!


Amazing!  I can't even believe how well it works. I have struggled with weight throughout my life until now, and have done other plans with success but always gained the weight back plus usually a bit extra. Somehow now I have absolutely no issues with temptation or cravings and am able to easily follow the food plan. I am so happy and thin!!!!  I go to parties and see all kinds of foods and am not tempted at all. It's really unbelievable how somehow Gina instills the tools to give not even willpower but a lack of desire to eat anything other than her healthy food plan. I don't feel at all that I'm missing anything and honestly the fat has been melting away people are shocked when they see me.  Do it! 


My business involves a great deal of stress and anxiety and the hypnotherapy has been instrumental in helping me relax and improve my performance at the office.  I highly recommend Clearwater Hypnotherapy to anyone, but especially executives and other professionals, who are looking for techniques to help with their personal and professional health and happiness.