28 days to a NEW way of LIFE with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – this is a 28 day program comprising of 4 hypnotic-CBT with NLP sessions during which the reasons for your overeating are discussed and suggestions are given to re-educate your brain that drives the cravings. Followed up with 2 Booster Sessions.

The suggestions are then re-inforced by daily listening to a personalized audio track, customized – specially prepared for you, creating new healthy eating habits and permanent change.

Amazing! I have tried diets, working out, even fasting. I would lose some weight but after a while I would find it coming back with a vengeance. I would even gain more weight than when I started. So I had just about given up. I stopped watching what I was eating and no longer worked out. I had given in to fat. That is when a friend of mine recommended Clearwater hypnosis. She had two sessions there for stress and she said she now felt great. At first I was reluctant to try it. But I finally decided to give it one last try. And boy am I glad I did! The first session Gina explained what hypnosis was about which helped me feel less anxious. She then performed a hypnosis so I could experience what it is like. Next she told me what I could expect and gave me some thoughts as to why I was craving all the wrong foods. This helped me to prepare for the gastric band session. After the session I stopped having cravings for fattening foods! I started losing weight without even trying! It seemed like my stomach had shrunk and I no longer even wanted to indulge in sweets like cookies and chocolate. It has been a month since the “surgery” and I could not be happier with the results. I strongly recommend Clearwater hypnosis. You’d be glad that you did!



Because I’d failed in every diet, I was nervous, I arrived at your office a bundle of nerves. With a history of mental and emotional abuse, deception, and a very low level of joy in my life, I beat myself up daily for “not good enough”. My boyfriend had been unfaithful, and I thought it was because of my weight. I was hibernating at home and taking on sadness and avoided all social situations.  Since the first session – wow what a journey! I feel relaxed, at peace and best of all I’m starting to know what it feels like to love myself which is important because I have two daughters, and they need me to be that positive mother while being true to who I am. Thank you!

Melissa H

I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I started The Virtual Gastric Band Program with you. That little voice on my shoulder, the one that sabotaged any efforts I’d made in weight loss previously, has gone, retired, disappeared. I think about food differently. My bad habits have disappeared. I concentrate when I’m eating and enjoy what I’m eating but I really can manage small portions.
I’m losing weight and I know it’s achievable. (28lb so far)
The life changing aspect has been how great I feel. I used to be a bit busy and hectic and now I feel calmer, content, and less agitated. My relationship has improved, my work is more manageable and I’m so much happier and content with life. Some internal switch to be good to me has been turned on! I’m really amazed at all the extra things I have got out of this, not just my weight loss! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks so much.

Linda B

I have Type 2 Diabetes and my doctor advised me to lose weight…Well, going on a “diet” is not a pleasant task for me as I have been on diets that felt like punishment and hypnosis seemed like a much better alternative. I heard about the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program on the Dr. Oz show and when I saw Clearwater Hypnotherapy was offering the same technique, I was already pre-sold and signed up for 6 sessions. The results were fantastic for me. After one session, I was questioning whether I was actually being  hypnotized and the results proved I was actually hypnotized….I lost 9 pounds. I eat a lot less at each meal until I feel comfortable and I don’t crave snacks anymore.  The technique is both soothing and very effective. My weight loss slowed down after the first week and by the end of the 4 sessions, I had lost 13 pounds. It has been 5 weeks since I started on this program and have lost 15 pounds and am now half way to my goal. My energy level is way up and my clothes fit a lot looser now. Thank you Clearwater Hypnotherapy!

Paul M

Dear Gina, I’m thrilled that my long-term sugar addiction is over.  I can eat limited sweets like a normal person instead of gobbling down every piece of candy in sight. What a relief, I feel lighter both physically, but most importantly emotionally. I feel really proud of myself and the changes I’m making. Highly recommended.

Betsy R

Gina is an exceptionally gifted hypnotherapist – whether it is weight loss, a fear or a personal block you want to resolve. I first went to Clearwater Hypnotherapy for help with weight loss. Gina spent a significant part of the session in understanding my issues with food and created a recording that was then emailed to me. I listened to it daily for 30 days, and it was amazing how I stopped obsessing about food and lost weight as a result. I then went back for a couple of other major personal issues and the hypnotherapy was on the mark. Give a session with her a go and you will not be disappointed!

Ralph S