How to deal with loosing someone you love? Often people who experience a loss of a loved one are in a state of shock and disbelief. Grief impacts every area of our life.
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Our emotions—we feel angry, scared, resentful, hopeless, helpless.
Our thoughts—we question long held convictions, we may blame others including ourselves and our loved ones for the loss, we may blame that doctor who treated our loved one and may think he or she did not do enough soon enough.
Our actions—we find ourselves avoiding the restaurant we once enjoyed, we turn off the radio when that special song is played, we might avoid close friends and isolate ourselves.
Our spirituality— that too is impacted; we question why this had to happen, we search to find meaning, we re-examine our religious beliefs about what comes next?

Coping with Grief—some become workaholics, frantically running around and keeping busy in order to not feel the loss and the deep pain. Others may feel completely numbed out, over sleeping, hiding in bed, or using food or alcohol to repress their sorrow and deep grief.

Treating Grief—to aid our healing process, we can turn to alternative healing techniques.
Some people journal in order to connect with their feelings, others go to a counselor and it’s wonderful to have someone to talk to.
Meditation, walks in the nature and Self-hypnosis can also be very beneficial. We offer self-hypnosis audio in which you can relax, find a safe place and you may want to talk to your loved one, finding a way to reconnect with them. Perhaps you were not able to be there at the time of their death, or you feel guilty of have some unfinished business or didn’t get to express your feelings to them them while they were here.

Wouldn’t it be nice to remember a loved one and the happy moments without the negative feelings. And finally be able to release those feelings that don’t serve us in order to move on with our lives.

There is hope and you will and can overcome even how painful it may now see.
Trust me – Time is a wonderful healer!

Grief Hypnosis session can help. In this personalized 1 hour session, I can guide you and give you techniques that you may use on your own.
Hypnosis that will relax and calm you – find your own safe, healing place
Reduce emotional pain while increasing wellbeing with NLP
Sedona technique allows you to connect with your emotions and release them in a safe way, instead of trying to suppress them.
with Reiki Energy work, you will receive healing energy and prayers daily for a week.

Meet Dr Fauser, he is an expert in Grief and Loss. He has worked in Hospice environment for over 15 years, counseling both patients and their families. He is also an ordained Minister.

Grief and Loss Counseling and Hypnosis Sessions
are available in person at our St Petersburg-Seminole location.
Also by Phone or Skype for clients who are out of the area or unable to travel to us.

Grief Counseling Session with Dr. Fauser (Board certified Psychologist) give us a call.
1 – hour session $195 – 1.5 hour session $250

Grief Hypnosis Session with Gina (Board certified Hypnotherapist)
1 – hour session $99 – 1.5 hour session $159

Self-Hypnosis Audio $19.95 – Overcoming Grief and Loss (download to your computer) 30 minute mp3

Grief and Loss Ebook available soon