Law of Attraction – Manifesting Sessions will help you to discover and overcome mental and emotional blocks to realize your goals and desires. Hypnosis combined with NLP –  empowering suggestions that are related to joy, appreciation and the inner knowledge that everything always works out for you.
With suggestions to your conscious and subconscious mind, so they are in alignment, these techniques will help you completely transform your life. Experience the self-love, self-worth, confidence and abundance and create the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

We are Energy
Science has already proven that we live in a universe built from a united field of vibrating energy at different levels of compression. In fact, every physical material, including your body, is composed of the exact same energy.
Emotions have been proven to be 150 times stronger than thoughts when it comes to transmitting electric charges.

Become a vibrational match
The Law of Attraction, based on this physics rule, works like a magnet on the vibrations you move or signal to the world. It is basically matching your frequencies with similar ones and bringing back to you exactly what you are delivering.

The hypnosis for the Law of Attraction will train your unconscious to feel great every single day, thereby creating enormous momentum for fast and easy magnetism.

Your subconscious beliefs
Your inner perceptions and conditioning are the only thing that makes the Law of Attraction work for you or against you time after time.

The way you feel on a daily basis stems from the conditioning of your brain. You carry within you subconscious beliefs, many of which are extremely limiting. These paradigms cause you, automatically, to behave, think and feel a certain way.

The hypnosis will neutralize the blocking beliefs and completely remove your resistance. Once you are resistance-free, the channel to receive wonderful gifts from the universe will be utterly open, with no disturbances.

The problem is that you don’t even know that you have those negative beliefs! Not only that, every result you get in your life will be subordinated to this subconscious conditioning!

For instance 90 percent of lottery winners lose all of their money within five years of the winning moment.
Yes, they attracted the money via the Law of Attraction because they maintained positive emotions for a while. But their unconscious beliefs (such as “money is the root of all evil, you have to be a crook to be rich, money doesn’t grow on trees and other lack beliefs”) guided them to do everything they could to lose it!
This is just one example of people who manage to attract great abundance but destroy it shortly afterward due to self-sabotaging patterns.

So what are you waiting for? Give me a call today and let’s get you started!